A chanelled message from “Source” through Davo at, Canada Day, July 1, 2015

Dear Hearts,

What a wonderful day it is! The birds are singing the clouds are dancing in the skies above & life forces are radiating from all creation. Open your hearts and truly see that all is love. You are love. You are created from love and it is your true nature. Quiet your minds and know this! You are incredible beings of light each one of you- you are precious beyond your knowing.

Celebrate yourselves today. Feel how good it feels to love and to laugh, to give a smile, receive a hug, to notice the beautiful flowers & feel the breeze on your face. That is truth. That is happening now. Wake up to love that is flowing all around you as never before! Awaken dear hearts, awaken!

I love you so!  You are PERFECT!


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