McKonkey bridge
Today as you venture forward with trust , faith, love & gratitude in your heart know that you venture forward with the full loving support of your heavenly guides. You have everything you need for the journey, though you do not know where the path leads. You have the wisdom, the words, the energy that you need & you will know which route to take, which step to take, what decision to make as you hold that divine love in your heart. Trusting as you go, that each decision along the path was indeed the best one, you needn’t worry where you are going, how far you are from your destination or what awaits you there… 

All that you need to do, is enjoy the ride! Let go! For it is about the journey as well as the destination – each moment is like a precious gift requiring only your awareness in love to recognize them. The greater you open your heart to love, the greater will each moment on the path delight you! And we will be right there with you every step of the way!

“Glow with the flow & flow with the glow” as Dave likes to say

Your loving Angels, Guides & Ascended Masters

Through Davo at – for sharing freely with links back. Enjoy your journey!

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