Answers Ep. VIII – The Council

Answers Ep. VIII – The Council

by Ron

Answers Ep. VIII – The Council

Today we choose an excellent question, and one that we love to answer.

“How can we, especially those of us distracted by the physical doings of our lives, best hear the urging of our higher selves (you) on a day to day basis without becoming a Zen master?”

The most important thing for you to know and remember is that we are always messaging you. And we are as eager to evolve this into communication as you are. Imagine us saying, ’When is she going to get the message. I’ve sent feathers. I’ve sent coins.” We are always signaling you. You just need to learn the language for it to begin to evolve.

Yes, some have “Instant onset clairaudience”. But there are a very great number who simply develop their sensitivity. We will give you some suggestions of where to begin.

First, numbers are numbers and we don’t move them around… much. Feathers are feathers and we don’t move them around… much. The same goes for coins. But we can and do influence what you notice once we are given a ‘go ahead’ from you. You tell us what kind of signal you wish to begin with. Now the numbers on clocks, web pages, license plates, etc. are going to be where humans put them. But we can and will draw your attention to those if that is what you ask for. Birds lose a lot of feathers. We can use them, too. And you should learn dream interpretation, because it can be applied equally as well to the dream you call reality.

At first, these things will just tend to mean “We’re here!” But you can find many pages of the meanings of numbers if you want to explore that. And we can work with those too. It will help if you tell us which of those pages you like.

“Basic” you say. Yes, it is. The first sounds you made were not “Mommy” or “Daddy”. But you did learn.

What comes next? Start paying much closer attention to what you feel. For instance, when you know we are signaling you, do you feel anything different? When someone enters a room behind you, do you feel their presence? Are they calm? Are they happy? Are they upset? It won’t take much practice. You HAVE these senses.

So now, you know we are getting your attention. What does it feel like? Write it down. Write it down! You will be moving the energy from the subtle to the physical. Once you have begun that, you will be well on the way.

Now, there are many other ways to do this. You could, for instance spend 15 or 20 years staring at the wall of a cave, or having a Zen monk smack you whenever you began to snore. You can pay a large amount of money to learn the latest fad meditation. But the easiest thing is to know that this is your right. This is what you want. This is what we want. Let’s do this!

There are two published books available on Amazon that contain the collected messages received by Ron Head (that’s me). The first is The Wisdom of Michael, available HERE, and the second is It Rings True, available HERE

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