The Bloodlines of the Illuminati – From Pharaohs to NWO ~ November 5, 2018

Their dominant control is crumbling fast!

Rose Rambles...

This video details the Illuminati bloodlines that are currently in control of the world and how those who rule today have ties dating right back to the ancient nations of Egypt and Sumer. These ancient bloodlines long ago made a deal with the fallen angels of the bible who have been posing as the “gods” and other reptilian like creatures of various cultures throughout history.

These fallen angelic spirit beings known as “demons” in the bible, along with their fallen leader Lucifer or Satan, have been possessing and controlling these leaders throughout history. The leaders make sure that they stay in charge through intermarriage so that no outsiders gain access to their wealth, power or secrets.

These Pharonic leaders did not disappear when Egypt was destroyed as a nation, they, along with the now exiled Children of Israel or the so called “lost ten tribes of Israel” migrated north and…

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