Message from the Angels

Message from the Angels, Oct 16/19.

Channeled by Dave Annis,

We are glad to have this opportunity to encourage you all in this time of great change upon your earth. We know how much many of you have struggled and that your patience gets tested on a regular basis – it may seem as if there will never be blue skies again. Such is not the case, for rainbows will appear shortly, but these storms have a great purpose in releasing things that have been stored up for so long.

If one were to carry such baggage from the past into the future, where would you truly be? Certainly it would be as a continuation of the old. We want you to be free once again, happy and at peace with all that is just as we have always known you to be, but perhaps out of reach in your own memories at this time.

Take some time each day to venture deep within and discover the immense love that resides there. Even if you feel as though it seems pointless or you are continually distracted from going deep, keep trying, for it will get easier and over time you shall see a difference. As you regularly practice times of mindfulness, times in nature, journaling or meditating you will gradually tune in your awareness to all that is around you and within you. As you express your intent & take such measures you automatically illustrate a level of faith and the Universe will respond to you. Keep watch yet do not be anxious or narrow-minded ; the Universe may respond in ways you did not expect, but it will indeed respond.

We want to remind you that you are very deeply loved just as you are. Love is truly all there is and it is the stuff from which you are. Be love, feel love and give love unconditionally.

Have a wonderful day, Dear Ones.

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