Yeshua – Enlightenment

Oct 17 – Yeshua – Enlightenment

Channeled by Dave Annis,

Hello my Brothers & sisters of the light. What a wonderful time it is to be incarnate on lovely Gaia whilst so many wondrous changes & miracles are taking place right before your eyes. You are an integral part of all that is transpiring , not merely a bystander. Nothing like this has ever occurred on Mother Earth as She transforms and shifts into a higher light – enlightenment is taking place. The same occurrences are true within your own vessels. You are shifting energetically in profound ways that escape your human minds & yet they are very real indeed. We have all waited for this time with tremendous excitement, admiration, & a love that abounds for you & for our Mother Earth. Raise your awareness, feel deeply into all your senses & into the fire that burns brighter & brighter within you – you do not want to miss any of this marvelous!

As the old ways continue to crumble on every front & the old control networks fail to maintain their power, new & wonderful awakenings are seeded by you as to what may be possible with unbridled possibilities into all areas of your lives on the planet. It is a wonderful smorgasbord of opportunities to explore, create & to make something new to replace the old . We encourage you now to dream like never before! Love like you ARE and to throw off all doubts. The future begins now with your dreams and consciousness of what CAN BE!  As always, the Universe is behind you supporting you all the way!

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