Nov.1/19- The Collective- BREATHE

Channeled by Dave Annis, for Humanity

Good day to you all. As the world continues to evolve many emotions & many truths are coming to light along with the many dark agendas & circumstances you have been under for so long. The masses are waking up as never before & discovering so much about themselves that has been forgotten or buried.

The news cycles & alternative feeds are a total buzz with information that bombards your space sometimes leading to great confusion & along with this, great weariness; it just seems to be too much! There’s a simple & often overlooked answer from your tool bag that is simply to breathe!

When you take a moment to breathe, you are immediately serving up your intent to shift into the flow. You are hitting the pause button on the chaos of the world & entering into the stillness & peace that resides in your heart & in the Universe.

Immediately as you breathe in, adamantine particles of the Creator/of Source/of love. You exercise your free will as to the direction you wish to go. You place your beingness into a state of love where the flow automatically directs you towards your highest & best options & opportunities in any situation. All that is left is for you to take the next step that comes up for you.

When the world gets to be too much, take a step back, breathe & then take that next step forward as you feel guided – The Universe has your back Dear One!

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