Aurora – The Galactic Federation

My greetings to you this day, this is Sananda. I think in your minds you have compartmentalised all the beings who contact anyone on Earth, i know that it is natural because you assume that I, Sananda who was Jesus, is automatically connected with the Trinity, and that I and the Archangels work hand in hand together with the Masters of the Hierarchy, in order that mankind may benefit from any help that we may give and have done throughout history. Try not to keep us separate from all the other beings of light who exist in the cosmos, their love is also given to you freely and unconditionally, and we work hand in hand with them also. The beings who live on other planets who work for the good of all, and who have within them a great love for every being that exists. Perhaps you may think that as we have been mentioned in the Bible, meaning the Hierarchy of the Trinity, the Archangels working together and the Masters who have been mentioned over more recent years, and so we are kept separate in your minds. But believe me, we have always worked with extraterrestrials as you call them; they are like yourselves, all part of the whole.

The cosmos consists of galaxies beyond even the knowledge of mankind, the universe is so vast, but think of yourselves as a tiny part of that and then you will realise that you too are extraterrestrials, shall we say, to those on other planets. But assuming that all planets and stars that have beings living upon them are working together, you will find that you belong to that great Hierarchy of cosmic beings, and we have been working together since long before I lived as Jesus in biblical times. Previous to my life in that incarnation there have been visitations upon planet Earth, which have been experienced by mankind in the past, and these visitors were assumed to be gods, because although they were not, they were so evolved both technologically and spiritually, that it was assumed they were gods to those simple people. Over the millennia such landings have occurred quite regularly by other beings from throughout the cosmos and although nowadays it does not happen very often, there are craft seen in the skies above and there have been occasional landings of recent years just in order to facilitate knowledge to be gained by these extraterrestrials regarding the Earth and those who live on it, so that there can be help given whenever required.

You have been aware, of course, for some time that the Earth is gradually changing, and that in due course there wilt be an ascension. You are aware that the fourth dimension is becoming very close, and that the Earth herself will be rising onto that very shortly. It has been a gradual process over these past few years and wilt continue; also you are finding that there has been an acceleration of change all about you. Change is always necessary for evolvement, both of thought processes and spiritual development, and also this change is much more dramatic than has been known on the Earth at any other time, apart from the natural changes which have occurred over the millennia, geological changes, climactic changes, the ice age for instance, and over the years more recently, the climate has been changing and will continue to do so, but we have spoken of that before.

Today I am talking about spiritual change that which is less obvious, but this is occurring to all of you. All of you are awakening and attempting to awaken others to their spiritual nature, that spirituality that has been latent and which must be awakened fully. You have within you great power, it is just beginning to emerge and it must come forth over the next few years. All of you are aware of this now, and are attempting to raise your consciousness to an even higher level through your meditations. This will suddenly develop and you will discover new horizons that you had not imagined. You have been trying to conceive how it will be once you have achieved the fourth and fifth dimensions, but your minds at present are limited, and it will be a little while before you emerge from that chrysalis that you are still trapped inside. That butterfly that is waiting will take off in a short space of time, and you will realise how different things will be once this happens.

New humanity will be taking charge of the Earth, taking charge of the lives of those who are precious to God. All men are, but those who are capable of achieving that new spirituality are particularly precious and will be given that authority to help all with whom they come into contact. More and more of you are becoming aware. There are more even than you would imagine, that are living their lives out around you and who you have not spoken to on this subject. Try to sound out all who you know and see if they are awakened, this is becoming more important and inevitable as time goes on. Those who are quite young incarnating into this world at this time are mostly very old souls who are experienced and have lived many lifetimes. They are born with much more knowledge than even you have after years of meditation and reading many books on spiritual subjects. You will find that the young ones will be able to give their knowledge and help when the important times of the Earth changes start occurring. All will be well because so many of you are ready to help at this time.

You know the phrase ‘man know thyself and thou shalt know universe’. Mankind is beginning to discover himself and what is within him, and that wisdom will pour forth and help all of you over the years to come, and then you will be able to join in with all of us throughout the cosmos who are pouring forth our energies to help you to open your minds to that reality that is all around you. Just allow this to occur naturally, it will happen, believe me. I know that many of you are waiting for this new beginning and look forward to what you will be able to achieve, particularly in seeing those who are unseen at present, but of whom you are aware, particularly those who channel our words but cannot see us. They only have the faith to know that we are here helping and guiding all of you always, so never feel that you are alone and helpless. You know that we are supporting you in this new consciousness. All you have to do is go with the flow.

Know that you will achieve your new capabilities that are gradually increasing, and if you believe in me, Sananda, the Masters the Angelic Hierarchy, and above all, God, you will know that all is well and that we are all working towards the goal of your new consciousness that is just around the corner. All of you who read these words will achieve much in these next years, and you will be when you look back on this time and recognise that my words are true. Go with God. God bless all of you.


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