There is a new world just over the horizon – The Council

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There is a new world just over the horizon – The Council
by Ron Head

Over the past months, while we have not communicated with you, you have noticed, if you are indeed aware, that much of what we have spoken to you about previously has come to pass. And, again if you are aware, you will have noticed that the tempo of these changes has increased dramatically. Now we will give you what you call a “heads-up”.

Between now and the early days of your new calendar year, massive unprecedented change will occur. We have told you over and again that it will possibly be very hard for you to experience. You have also replied, “Bring it on.” Be prepared to help those around you to cope. This will NOT be easy. If you wish to personally make the most of this, consider it to be an opportunity to exercise the best of what believe about yourselves and be available to all who ask for your help in understanding the moment. Consider even that harsh opinions may be calls for help.

This will be but a short, but radical shift. Much has gone into preparation. Much help will be available both from your material surroundings and from the higher. Do not force yourself to refrain from accepting such.

If you find yourself needing to accept that much is going against a great deal of what you have believed to be so, understand that the fault is not yours. You have been systematically lied to for a long while. Even now this is so. But there is a light at the end of that tunnel.

There is a new world just over the horizon. Be prepared to accept the best of all possibilities. That is your birthright. You are divine creations of The One. Now is the time for you to learn that to be your Truth.

This is the season of your most joyous celebrations. Make it so.

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