Will you be an Anchor for Unity and Peace? 🙏

Sarah Hall sarah@sarahhall.com via gmail.mcsv.net Jan 20, 2021
Will you be an Anchor for Unity and Peace? Lately, I have often found myself sending prayers of peace and hope into our collective human heart and spirit. And each time I do so, I feel a gentle light nudging from within, accompanied by the Angels’ voices as they echo: “All is well, and all is one. There can be no other truth but this in the mind of Love.” 
 During times when the world seems to be divided, and hearts surrounded with fear, it is important to remember that we are one not only with each other, but also with the divine love that has given rise to all of existence. In this oneness, everything we do, think, speak, and give, we give to ourselves. When you offer judgment, fear, worry, or stress in response to a situation or person in your life, you’re not just sending those feelings off into the world in order to seemingly rail against the unfairness, imperfection, or negativity you think you see. You’re also directly sending those feelings into your own heart. If you offer a fear-based response to a fear-based situation, only more fear can come from it. If each person were to respond in this way, then fear would soon spread throughout the collective.  However, according to the Angels, fear cannot win any more than a fleeting shadow might hope to put out the light of the sun. Remember, we are not only one with each other, but also with the divine source and essence of the universe. Our source and essence is love, and its power is almighty.  So no matter how the shadows might leap to project the illusion of great size or stature, remember: you are love. You are one with the infinite light that shines more brightly than a thousand suns. You exist because you are love’s light. As such, you have the power to choose to offer love’s miraculous power in response to every situation and person you meet in your life. It costs you nothing to do this because love’s forces are infinite, constant, and omnipresent. Of love’s essence, there can be no lack. What you give to this world that you are now experiencing, you also give to yourself, and to all beings.

 Channeled Angel Messages:Does the child of love deserve anything less perfect love? You deserve perfection, beautiful light-worker. Perfect peace and unity are yours already, for they are the gifts infinitely and constantly given to you by God, your source. Rest in the peace of unity with truth and love. This peace is always yours! Rest in this knowledge and allow yourself to be the light you are in divine truth. You have everything it takes to be the light of the world. That power glows within you now and always.

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