Archangel Gabriel Daily Message – Wed.,Jan.27,’21

Trinity Esoterics via 

Dear Ones, boastfulness is not an indicator of greatness, but rather a sign of being out of alignment with who one truly wishes to be. The truly humble man feels no need to talk of his humility. One who loves from the heart has no need to speak of how loving they are. Those actions are taken as heartfelt expressions of who they really are, not for any praise or acknowledgment.

People often talk about who they would like to become. It is showing a desire to one day shift into the embodiment of those goals.  If it is just talk and no action, they are simply not there yet.

Do you see? It is your beingness that emanates who you authentically are. That energy is your truth. Are you ready to shift from talking about a goal into the becoming of it? Are you ready to shift into your true beingness for no other reason than it brings you joy to know and express yourself that way?

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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