CHANGE 2021 & Beyond

This is just a note to let you know that I will slowly be transitioning this site into a where the rubber meets the road effort…

You will gradually see changes from hartbridge into “Angel Valley “, a place where we attempt to put things into practice.

The end goal or great dream is to create an actual destination for spiritual growth. A place in South-central Ontario to come too where you can experience art, spiritual inspirations & healing, reconnect with nature & with one another in “ONENESS”. A place where one can get to know God, their true self & have a great deal of enjoyment doing so…

Initially this prototype of sorts is being built in Southgate , Ontario, but we are intending to create an international destination & a future connected chain of establishments somewhat officially beginning in the Muskokas. Without a doubt it is a most lofty of dreams & yet one I have had since I was a small child. I believe anything is possible & the Angels will be assisting me/us so don’t underestimate what this can be (I need to remember this myself) HARTBRIDGE.CENTER(s) will create bridges to the new world the higher self, the truest, highest, best in people & community of ONE

In the coming short time you wil begin to see great site changes in theme & pictures galore as we begin. I hope you will stick with us as we develop this dream from nearly scratch & a one-man-show into a hopeflly/prayerfully very large organization that impacts many many people to become their highest & best SELVES. We intend to show local nature, arts, & lots of people having fun with growing small events…

So let it be.Enjoy!


PS – this will be linked also to home for fine art

And, this will be an awakening for me on how in the word to use WordPress – I know nothing lol!!!

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