#1 Angel Awakenings Message – Chose Love


Tues.,Apr.20,2021 – #1 Angel Awakenings Message – Chose Love

Dave Annis, Hartbridge.ca

Today we bring you a message of love. You are love & thus you know love when you witness it in some capacity. It resonates with you. Your soul does not argue the point. It just fits. You know somehow down deep; you just know. 

If a message or vibration is not of love you may feel an anxiety or a jarring of your sense of well-being. It may produce a litany of questions or arguments within. You may simply come to feel a sense of fear within & that something is wholly or partially not right. Pay attention to such emotions & feelings within for as quiet & subtle as they may sometimes be they are your guidance system.  And do not fear, for there is usually no anger but you are being offered up a choice in every moment to accept or reject such vibrations & messages as something you wish to go with or not . There is no right or wrong & no judgment, but there are consequences & you may be altering course or choosing a alternative timeline. It is up to you.

Nobody can tell you what is right for your soul’s expansion & learning, but know that there is a universal law of attraction that more of what you focus on will be added. If it is of love & you want to have more of a particular vibration then simply chose such vibrations & reject those that do not offer you such peace love & joy.

As beings created of & by love we know that your soul craves love & anything of such a vibration, so we suggest that you feel for such vibrations & chose such thoughts, bbut you are always free to do as you will & the universe will support you.

Namaste Great One – YOU ARE LOVE

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