Channeled Angel Messages: Just Breathe… 😌

Sarah Hall via 
Just Breathe...

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or off-balance in any way, bring your awareness back to your breath. Long, slow, deep breaths can work miracles in shifting your state of consciousness. 🙏 Here are the messages I received from the Angels on this:Channeled Angel Messages:“We are present with you always, dearest ones. In presence, you will hear the heart of God beating from within your chest, forever guiding you in the ways of peace, love, wholeness, and wellbeing. We Angels are summoning you into the miracle, peace-giving present moment now. Would you like to join us here in the heart of God? Do you wish to awaken into love and perfect wellbeing? Breathe slowly and deeply, and allow yourself to enter the present moment. Allow your breath to dissolve all that is not true. For the only truth is the divine love of your source, essence, and ultimate destiny. Breathe deeply, and be one with us. We Angels are forever holding you in divine love’s perfection.”Sometimes… instead of trying to solve every problem or challenging emotion you face with your mind, you can instead surrender to the divine. Breathe, and free your mental space from attachments to painful judgments. Breathe, and enter the higher perspective that your alignment with the present moment always offers. 🙏 And of course, call on your Angels to guide you. 😇 They will carry you, on your breath, into the joyful truth of love’s constant offering of perfection.Cosmic Energy Forecast:
Here comes the first Full Super Moon of 2021! ✨

Get ready for a big waves of change… 

This is your opportunity for deep shadow work, and for taking important steps in the direction of your destiny.

Hear what the Angels have to say on this in my latest Moon reading: With Love and Angel Blessings,


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