Dave Annis, – messages for sharing
Wed., May 5/’21  

Hello to all of you to dream of a better future. Welcome to all that long for love. We celebrate with you as the future you have dreamed of for so long, the future you have worked so hard to bring to fruition has arrived. The light has won Dear Ones and you have brought this truth about by your great love and by your great efforts to ground the light into Mother Gaia.

There is a great deal to be done to set the planet right as originally intended, but we have no doubt that you will achieve this too. There has been much chatter about who did what and elaborating on the various schemes of the dark but it is time to leave that all behind you and move forward into greater light. Revisiting the dark only enables it and allows it to still have a hold.

Now is the time to manifest your dreams and to review your many blessings. This will naturally bring such things to life. We mean that quite literally as when you combine or unite in such positive pursuits these consciousnesses take on a life of their own. As like attracts like so do such dreams of love and joy and wonderful new experiences attract more of their kind. Soon you will discover an abundance of beauty and of love beyond anything you had ever know.

For no longer is there an interference at every step of the way from the darkness that was, and now you are free to dream, to expand and to fill the world , indeed the universe with the colours of your being. Paint, write poetry, dance, sing, and survey the beauty of a flower..

. Now is your time to shine as never before on your planet. To be as you were created to be ; free, expansive, creative and loving. Nothing will be impossible for you!  The Angels and higher beings are here to assist you in anything you need. It is time to spread your wings and to soar Dear Ones

We love you, The Angels

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