Thurs., May 6 – JUST BE
Dave Annis, http://www.Hartbridge.ca – leave the “e”go out

Hello Dear Ones,

Today we bring you a very simple and yet extremely powerful message to just BE. For a moment, we encourage you to simply let go of everything and enter into the stillness. For a moment to just let go of all striving, to do lists, questions, concerns and more. Simple let go of all thoughts of having to do this or that and just stop, listen and feel. There is great power in the stillness.

The universe would like you to know that you are enough. You are perfect just as you are. You are loved beyond measure, unconditionally and completely.  You do not need to perform or to pass any great test, but rather you are worthy, adored and wondrous just as you are.

 There are times to work, to play, to learn and to move forward in the male energy, but these times need to be properly balanced with receiving, nurturing and compassion.  You can find your stillness  in the middle at the point of balance between these energies where you can let go and simply let the universe bathe you in love.  It is here you may come to know who you truly are, your power, your directions and your understanding of life. It need only be a moment, but the more you can practice this the more you will find your balance, your truth and love beyond your wildest imagination.

Let the universe, the Angels and Source love you in the moment of just being.

Namaste Dear Ones
Love, the Angels

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