Angel Message – Wonder

Mon., May 17 – WONDER
Dave, where we leave the “e”go out…  Messages are for sharing – we all win!

Hello Dear Ones,

Today we would like to talk with you on the subject of wonder. And you might be wondering where this one’s going to go.

​Wonder is a roadway to deeper more meaningful life. It stems from your very essence as creator beings & driven by desire to expand it leads the soul on a journey of exploration & discovery. It is an energy that is set free by trust, faith & love which afford it wings to soar to greater & greater heights. It is an energy in line with Source & the universe; an energy that seeks to know more of itself, of the Universe , of the unknown. It knows no fear, but only love of the purest kind& is always an upward calling. It is never forced, never anxious & always accepting  of was is as goodness & love. Wonder is the sweetness of life. Once discovered it is a limitless well of nourishment. It knows no bounds & is forever steeped in miracles

Join us as we share in awe & love ; the wonder of all that IS.

The Angels

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