Angel Message – ALLOWING


By Dave Annis,

Aug 23, 2021

Dear Ones, today we wish to remind you simply to let go!

Let go & let God or whatever way you have of saying it that rings true to you. Relax into your moment & cease pushing, striving & trying so hard. Instead, simply allow! Let the Universe bring all goodness to you. You need not run after it for it is never outside of you, but rather it is within you already. You are designed, created & formed of love & you lack nothing.

You are permanently & inseparably connected to the Divine & to the Universe therefore is becomes a factor of getting yourself or your ego out of the way.

To push forward is to strive for control which is an energy of the third dimension which actually interferes with your desires. 

It is time to practice being at ease & full of delight in the magnificence of it all – It’s all good!  You already deserve all goodness & you do not need to perform in order to earn it or to take another course or read another book in order to become something you are already made up of.

LET your light shine, brightly as you experience this moment as the Universe delivers it right to you, whatever that may be.


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