Angel Message – Isn’t it grand?!

Channeled by Dave Annis, – a place for sharing

Tues.,,. Aug 24, 2021

Today Dear Ones, we would like to help you shift your focus slightly to something better.

You cannot escape the whirlwind of activities, in fact chaos that is your current earth plane condition, but if you were to see it all from our point of view, even for a moment, you may come to understand that it is love. Yes love!  That’s all there really is – the rest is illusory like one big hologram with everyone busily playing out their roles & learning their lessons. It feels very real & so it should, for you helped create this “reality” in order to test out your theories, learn the lessons & have the experiences you wanted to have in the physical, but the bottom line is that it is all love. It’s simply beautiful! It is a grand experiment created from your  loving thoughts, with His loving energy for the purpose of learning more about love & every other emotion supporting or countering love.

Through it all you are safe, you are a unique & very beautiful part of the Oneness. You are highly valued & a necessary piece of all that is. Again we say, “Isn’t it grand?!”

Namaste  Dear Ones

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