A Message to Lightworkers – September 17, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

This week’s Message is a response to a question from a Light Bringer, who asks:

Over time, various things have been said in regard to this “Returning to the Peace of the One” transition time into Sat Yuga, the Golden Age of Peace.

Captain Ashtar has said we live on an antiquated planet. We’re old-fashioned here on Earth.

He went on to say, there are other planets which have been around for as long as Earth has, and yet they are much further ahead, technology-wise.

Another High Dimensional Being has said that releasing these 60,000 patents of [currently suppressed] technology is a priority, and will level the playing field for Earth, moving us immediately out of survival mode.

My question is, How Do We Do This? I have been making up chants and mantras, yet how do we do this, working for the benefit of the whole, and inviting others to help. Since we are told by many, “Don’t look for a savior to come in for the rescue,” and “We need to do the work, and remember that we are [the ones] who we’ve been waiting for.”

I agree. Again, all on the Light’s terms. So what is the process, and HOW DO WE DO THIS?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! Most assuredly, this is one of the great questions of your current moment. And so, we are very pleased to have this time to speak with you regarding your part in this powerful, Creational moment on Earth’s new, higher timeline.

For one, understand that the process of getting things done — accomplishing things to ensure that one step follows the other to a happy conclusion — has changed drastically on this planet.

It is so that your outer action is still a powerful and very positive part of your experience.

Yet you will note that even 35 or so years ago, it was already becoming common to hear people speak of “positive affirmations” and before that, many had begun chanting mantras to align their vibration and consciousness with a particular frequency.

Many took this on so as to change their outer situation, moving the level of their experience to an improved feeling and outcome.

They desired to shift their physical health, their financial income, or their home, job, or relationship, and so on.

And this is fine, but it has not been the full outcome of that movement.

The larger outcome is something that only a few people grasped at the time.

And that is, that in raising the vibration they carried within them on any issue, for any reason, they were raising the vibration of humanity as a whole.

They were changing life on Earth.

It is impossible that you would shift your own frequency without affecting all else within the great unified field that is the flow of energetic interconnection. This is the far greater “web” that far outreaches the physical one you know as the internet. It is the energetic fabric that all Life belongs to, in which the lines between one person and one other also affects all other persons, and their connections to all others.

So that eventually, one ripple in the pond reaches every molecule in every drop of water present.

What is interesting, is that human beings have at least some idea of this phenomenon, thanks to a few pioneering minds that refused to be “trained” into submission over the past 150 years or so, and certain spiritual teachings that have been shared over the millennia. And there is the magic of the power of Earth’s soul vibration, which also profoundly influences human life at every moment.

Yet for most on your planet, the idea of revolution a still a matter of charging over the enemy’s battlements and physically shifting outer circumstances.

They image an obvious group action that dismantles the outer construct of their controllers, with hopes to therefore dismantle the presumed supremacy and dominance the controllers have held for so long.

We can tell you, no such thing is needed now. That day is well over.

The true journey now is what some have called “Revolution from within,” which always begins with the revolution occurring within a single person’s consciousness.

It is impossible, as a self-propelling presence in this Universe and on this planet, that you would make any change in your vibration that would not eventually be felt round the world.

Particularly you who have come in at this time for that very purpose — we call you Light Bearers, Light Bringers, or Lightworkers, because you carry the Light of higher consciousness within your very being!

So much so, that just your presence on the Earth at this time adds a higher ringing tone to the vibration of your Earth and all who walk upon Her.

This affects all of life — weather, political and economic shifts, living conditions, mass thoughtforms — far more fully than you might assume.

It is not so that you need to form new groups and movements, new organizations and jobs, in order to shake loose the foundations of the old order, to break through the old barriers.

All groups needed for the job have already been formed, and their are intergalactic and inter dimensional in nature. Though you may wish to form more Earth-based groups over time to implement new forms of living, you will do that holding the vibration of a people not who are determined never to be vanquished, but of a people who have already won.

This marks a great departure from humanity’s previous history.

You have indeed made great strides by working outwardly to create higher forms of your current governments — strides taken to end colonialism and its tyranny of enslavement, and devaluation of human life.

Yet you will soon abolish the word “government,” given that it’s meaning is to “govern” (control), “-ment” (the mind) of the masses.

Those new chapters have indeed already been written.

Many of you have traveled forward in time to ensure that, just as some beings have traveled back in time to ensure it. Your New Earth concepts borrow much from your ET friends and family members, and even now are revolutionizing human life. And these too start from within.

Those breakthroughs have occurred because just enough of humanity have been willing to vibrationally hold higher forms of thought, coupled with the realization of the Creational energy of focused thought and images.

Enough of you have been realizing that these, combined with new higher Earth systems (and discoveries of pre-ancient ones) that include an almost symbiotic, intuitive technology, can and do exist, and that humanity ought to be benefitting from them.

You have seen how just a few people went against the norm—who were laughed at, derided, only tentatively trusted to produce their vision at first—and how the outpicturing of their vision turned into a kind of revolution in terms of how people now live their lives. Telephones, computers, and internet being only part of the equation here, because what was actually happening, is that your galactic family members were finding a way to say, “We are here, and we are in constant communication with you!” The old power structure was loathe allow you these new developments, yet they did so, assuming that they could turn your use of these inventions to their advantage.

And perhaps on some level, it does appear that way.

Yet what they forgot, is that as these breakthrough geniuses connected with extraterrestrial technology, a whole higher path in human consciousness was being created that can never be erased.

Perhaps in times past, when the powerful Light codes flowing to the Earth now had not yet begun to shine forward, the old power schemes would have worked more easily, and more potently.

Now they fall by the wayside, out of step with the outcomes of the increasing vibration of humanity’s connection to the All That Is, as that awareness shines ever more powerfully in human heart-minds and etheric reality.

So that as you are asking how to bring forth NESARA, and how to bring forth the higher forms of technology that are currently still held back from release to humanity, you are asking in essence how to move up in vibration.

And the great beauty of this moment, is that you are all of you instinctively leaning into that capability in the most natural of ways.

We are heartened by the increasing numbers of people willing to meditate each day, even if only for 10 or 20 minutes.

Another powerfully encouraging sign are those willing to look to the skies to spot the ships that are increasingly seen there, with some performing meditations that connect groups and individuals to their ET families and soul groups.

Many now also include these beings in their descriptions of the Universe in which you live.

We also see many learning that rather than complain or feel defeated that NESARA has not yet fully dawned, it is far more empowering to actively call forth that event, with their joyful expectation, imaging, and the declarative command, “This is happening Now!” They are likewise calling forth the presence and assistance of Archangel Michael and his legions of Angels to enter the halls of every form of government, military, and intelligence hierarchy on the planet to let them know, “Your day is done.”

All must be made ready for that moment, yet we can tell you, the paving of the way is finished, and the final stages now begin.

And so we would say, concentrate on raising your vibration in the sense of meditating on and experiencing the frequency and reality of Divine Love, as it connects all consciousness everywhere in your Universe.

Free yourself—not only your mind and its known constructs, but all your spirit’s depth of experience—from the old ploys and traps of the dark days you have climbed through, and concentrate on moving to that place each day that is one of relaxed allowing of the higher good, for yourself and for all beings.

Focus on that which you can control, which has nothing to do with the date on the calendar, or the hour of the day, though Time is far more malleable than you might assume.

And that is your own inner Light, and how powerfully it connects with, draws in, and encourages into a giant flame of empowerment, all of the Light within every other person seeking Ascension on this planet.

There is your miracle—to focus on feeling Joyful, at Peace—yes, even now—as you both expect and command forth this great shift of the ages. Here is your Day, waiting for you to claim it as fully as you have claimed your dreams and visions. Now is your moment! Yes.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

Caroline Oceana Ryan info@carolineoceanaryan.com via gmail.mcsv.net 

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A Message to Lightworkers

Caroline Oceana Ryan info@carolineoceanaryan.com via gmail.mcsv.net 
September 10, 2021

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective.

This week’s Message is from the Collective’s book, Earth Life Challenges: The Collective Speak on Dealing with Trauma and Life Changes.

This is from the chapter titled, “On Making Wise Choices and Trusting Intuitive Guidance”:

QUESTION: I feel that the Universe just toys with me; I do the right thing at the wrong time, and the wrong thing at the right time, again and again, throughout my whole life.

Even though I do lots of research and deep soul searching, and something feels RIGHT in the gut, later I realize that I followed the wrong cues, and again made the wrong decision.

How do I get myself on track, with a real sense of real purpose and joy and happiness in life, and hope for the future? (All of which I don’t feel now.)

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that it is not so much a matter of your not doing the right thing at the right time, so much as allowing yourself to express from the heart, and to not then judge your actions or decisions based on apparent outcomes.

You are not always mistaken, in all of these situations you refer to. At times a sharp turn is taken and an unexpected outcome occurs because that is the way in which you have, on a higher level, chosen to learn of your own higher instincts and intuition.

You are capable of coming out of that, and you are capable of loving yourself enough that it is not necessary for you to criticize or feel to have done the wrong thing, based on what you see before you.

Each person who engages in soul searching and researches the issue, as you say, is still capable of walking down a path that turns out to be more demanding, not less.

Sometimes there is more learned in the times when you are stretched, feel to be have done or said the wrong thing, or feel to have been left behind by your own wise counsel.

In these moments, you learn more of who you are, and what needs to be healed, restored, or released.

You also begin to realize how vital it is to extend love to yourself in all situations.

It appears that there are energetic influences at work that are putting you off a path of greater ease and comfort, and though you can most assuredly learn from that, constant frustration in life is not a positive path.

You also hold the subconscious belief that, “No matter which way I turn, I end up at the wrong destination.”

We would begin immediately revising that belief into one that is much higher and more positive, and that allows you to move forward with decisions, without feeling “I’ll no doubt make a mistake this time, as I have other times.”

Most assuredly, the Universe is not toying with you. That is not how the Universe works.

There is no higher purpose in laughing at someone’s struggle, or their feeling that they were led astray.

As we say, there are influences at work of a much lower order, which are throwing off your inner compass and causing you to doubt yourself on every level.

You are also at times judging some outcomes as negative—and on the surface, they may appear that way—which in fact are not as negative as you assume.

This is why we powerfully recommend energy clearings. We also strongly recommend addressing whatever feels not to be working in your life, with affirmations or other forms of retraining the subconscious to believe the positive.

We would write out by hand, over and over, affirmations such as, “I Am perfectly led by Divine Wisdom in all my decisions. I always choose what is for my own and others’ higher good.” Write this 25 times or more, every day, for a month.

Is this excessive? No! You are revising deep-seated beliefs and rerouting neural pathways in the brain that have misled you for years. Do not wait for some Universal force to swoop down and pull you out of what you have created to pull yourself out of, experiencing all the learning that comes with that.

As you write your new reality over and over each day, it will become a part of your spirit, body, and mind.

Your energies will resonate with this new energy, and accept it as your Truth. There is no reason to feel left behind regarding making wise decisions. Yet you must also come to where you can be at Peace with a decision, and not judge yourself harshly afterward.

Once you have made any decision, release it to the higher realms, and say to your higher self and to the Universe, “Your Divine Will be done! I am at Peace. I release this entire situation to you and to Divine Light.”

Energy clearings from a capable shaman or energy healer are also important—there are a number of practitioners online who clear people’s energies of entities, energy forms, and family, cultural, and ancestral beliefs, presences, and traumas. Much is offered at low or no cost online, and should be taken advantage of. Research these and see what works best for you. One of the reasons you have come back to the Earth in this lifetime is to release that which is more fully and powerfully released while on the Earth than in the higher dimensions.

It is also a necessary part of coming into the fifth dimension, to release all that cannot survive in that higher frequency. Otherwise, one moves far more slowly into those levels of understanding and spiritual adeptness that the fifth dimension naturally offers those who resonate with it.

Your sense of purpose, joy, and happiness may well come from serving others. We do not mean, that you should quit whatever you are doing now in life and go off to some poverty-stricken part of the world (or in your own city) and help those who appear to be helpless.

You can serve others at every moment, offering Love and acceptance, a warm, kind and helpful presence, and belief in the value of each person’s life, no matter what your current work is. There are endless ways to be a positive support to others, just as there are endless ways to be a positive support to your own life.

It is entirely up to you to locate what makes you most joyful, what gives you a sense of fulfillment that nothing else can, and what supports you and affirms you as the utterly unique and individual presence on the Earth that you are. There is no one like you, and that is by Divine design.

It is not necessary to make your financial income from the things that give you the most Joy, but it is vital to find them and live them out, on some level that is meaningful to you. This does not come from making all the “right” decisions and feeling that you are coloring inside the lines in life. It often comes from breaking rules—ignoring family or cultural expectations that you perform a certain job, marry a certain kind of person, or live a particular lifestyle—when those things are not true to your authentic self.

You will know when something rings true with your authentic self, when you have a feeling of Lightness about it—when it feels right, despite what others might say, and even despite initial outer results.

Of course you want to remain respectful and kind toward yourself, others, the environment, etc. But within the basic parameters of showing Love and compassion to others, and respecting their boundaries, you are at a crossroads now, where you are asking yourself to step forward to find what makes you joyful, what makes you happy, what gives you a sense of purpose.

This is one of the most important journeys any human being can take. This is why we cannot prescribe for you what it is you should do, think, or be in order to arrive at the destination you are headed for.

You are already on that road. And trusting yourself to do what is for your and others’ higher good is a vital part of that journey, whatever the question or choice there is to be made at any one time.

It is also vital to notice those decisions you make, however small, that turn out well. So you might say to yourself, for example, “I had a great salad at lunchtime today. That was the perfect choice!”

Or “These are great socks that I’m wearing. I always make the right choices when I buy clothing.”

Or “There are so many advantages to where I live: [then name three of them]. I’ve chosen a wonderful place to live in, and the next one will be even better.”

These may sound like strange things to say to yourself, because the ego-mind (and the subconscious) will assure you that saying these things means you are not being humble enough.

That they are misplaced praises, and that to improve at anything, you must criticize yourself constantly. That’s the only way to self-improvement, they will tell you.

And you must answer, “Self-Love is so powerful, and so transforming, that it is lifting me to a higher vibration at every moment.”

We can assure you that until you stop these inner criticisms of your decisions, actions, and lack of fulfillment, you will continue to experience more dissatisfaction.

This is why we strongly recommend writing out affirmations, and doing Emotional Freedom Technique (known as tapping).

There is much information about this method, available in books, videos, and online.

We also strongly recommend guided meditations that assist you in healing the child self, and in building up a stronger sense of self that is not based on judgment, but Love and acceptance.

Even just a few steps in the right direction will make a difference in your inner life, opening the way for you to start experiencing a kinder and more supportive inner self, who is ready to offer the Wisdom of your higher self, spirit guides, and Angelic guardians.

This will assist you far more than a criticism that says, “You always do the wrong thing.”

We encourage everyone to speak with their Spirit team each day. Ask them, “What do I need to know? Share your wisdom with me, friends!”

Or ask about a particular situation that is troubling you, which you need higher insights on.

They are more than happy to assist, as are all of us in the Collective, or any higher guide you wish to call on.

Ask, and open to receive. Say, “If I do not hear you inwardly, send me the energy of your wisdom into my heartspace. I know it will come up in my conscious mind in perfect time and way.”

Sometimes your Spirit team will speak to you through outer messages—something you read, something you overhear, or something that someone mentions in casual conversation.

Messages can come in a song or a slogan. Or via a symbol that suddenly seems powerful and relevant, even if you do not understand why.

All of these are vital moments. All of them are messages that answer what you are asking to understand.

There is no reason to feel there is a futility to your actions, or that your questions are not being heard and answered.

Another important factor to making wise decisions that serve the higher good of you and all involved, is working from the heartspace, rather than simply researching the information available, and expecting that that information will be sufficient.

It will never be sufficient.

That information does not take into account the wisdom and heart-based intuitive understanding of your higher self, who is able to look out over your life and view it as a whole.

Your higher self is always able to see how decisions will impact you and others over time.

This is one of the reasons that we ask that you do not automatically judge a decision as “bad” based purely on what seems to have occurred.

You do not know what any outer situation will ultimately bring to your or another’s path, and what they may reveal to you or another over time.

Before you make any decision, of course you will wish to look into the specifics of the situation. Then before acting, speak with your higher self and guides.

Ask for their input and guidance, which is vital to making wise decisions that take into account future probabilities as well as your immediate higher good.

Then place the entire situation in the hands of your loving, supportive Spirit team.

Request and require that they ensure that only that which is for the higher good of all take place now.

At that point, you have done your work. Let go, and allow things to occur while sending Light to that process that all will support everyone involved in higher ways.

Realize too, that others’ intentions, expectations, and will are also involved in every circumstance. No one lives independent of others’ intentions.

And so release that which does not belong to you, energetically, and walk with your Spirit team and the Universe by giving over to them all outcomes, and giving thanks at all times for perfect results and perfect processes that lead you every day further into that Joy and fulfillment that you seek.

It is a great part of your path to increasingly come to love and accept yourself as a sacred Light Being who is only here to do good, to love and serve all, and to know the Joy of your life journey.

You have not been abandoned, and you are not being toyed with.

You are being shown a higher path.

Earth Life Challenges is available on Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/47au4ks5.

Copyright 2021, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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